Historic Vehicle Scheme | 60 Day Log Book Scheme


The 60 day log book scheme was made permanent on the 01 October 2019, and the Rover Owners Club is a confirmed, participating club for the scheme. Members are able to go to the RMS with the appropriate documentation, and take up the 60 day Log Book Scheme.

For members with cars already on historic registration, you just need to take the following documents to the RMS.
• Your most recent registration form,
• A completed RMS Change of Records (form 1021) – this form is available from the RMS website and the ROC website (refer HVS Forms page).

Your existing Certificate of Approved Operations form,

The RMS will issue a new Certificate of Approved Operations form, and a Log Book Sheet with the pro-rata number of personal use days corresponding to the number of months of registration you have remaining for your current registration period.

 Alternatively, you can
• Click on to the link to the Roads & Maritime Services website below,
and look for “Classic Vehicle Log Book Scheme”, then pick the condition that suits your position, ie. your Club is confirmed, and you are a member with an existing HVS registered car, the site will confirm the process and documentation you require.

For members with cars that are unregistered or on full registration, you will need to apply for a new historic conditional registration through the Club Plates Registrar. You can cancel your existing full registration, however, a registration cancellation fee plus a CTP credit may apply. Alternatively you can switch to the HVS scheme and opt in to the 60 day scheme when your full registration period expires.

To apply for a new historic conditional registration, you need to arrange for, &/or complete the following documents.

Application for Conditional Registration (RMS form 1246),
Historic Vehicle Declaration (RMS form 1259),
Arrange a manual pink slip inspection to confirm road worthiness,
ROC Member Declaration and Vehicle Eligibility form

Contact | Steven Williams – Club Plates Registrar
P | 02 9896 5650
E | [email protected]

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory