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NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme

The Rover Owners Club Inc (ROC) is registered with the RMS (Service NSW) to offer financial NSW club members the opportunity to register their cars under the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS). This is often referred to as club registration or club plates, a reference to the early NSW club registration scheme.

At the beginning of October 2015 the HVS was extended to include an optional 60 day log book scheme, to allow members to use their cars for personal use, up to 60 days per year, which brought NSW in line with most other State conditional or historic registration schemes.

The log book scheme ran as a trial for two years, to be evaluated at the end of the trial. On 1 October 2017, the trial was extended for an additional two years through to 30 September 2019.

The Log Book Scheme became permanent from 1 October 2019.

The ROC has registered with RMS as a participating club for the log book scheme, so members can choose to remain under the original HVS scheme, or opt in to the

60 day log book scheme.

Each RMS recognized club has a responsible person (our Club Plates Registrar CPR), who’s name is recorded with the RMS, who keeps a list of club members and vehicles operating under the scheme, and who maintains a log of non-club use of vehicles, when driven for repair or maintenance. Note: If you opt in to the new log book scheme, you do not need to notify the CPR of any non-club or extended maintenance use, you just enter the trip in your RMS log book – which is a much more convenient arrangement.

The CPR is also authorised by the RMS to sign and stamp the historic vehicle declaration (HVD) which accompanies the annual registration renewal, and any new registration applications, to confirm the vehicle’s and the member’s ongoing compliance with the scheme.

The HVS scheme allows members to register historic hobby or recreational cars for use at ROC events, and at other listed or invited events, with lower annual registration and CTP insurance charges. The current combined registration and CTP fee (as at December 2016) is $46 per year, with a one off number plate fee (currently $44) charged the first year. The cost of full comprehensive vehicle insurance is also significantly reduced for vehicles on HVS.

HVS is available to club members with cars that are 30 years or older, and have not been modified, other than for recognised safety upgrades, or period accessories. HVS users must maintain a continuous financial club membership with an RMS recognised club.

Users only require a pink slip to register a vehicle on HVS, regardless of whether the vehicle is currently registered or unregistered. An annual, manual pink slip inspection is required at each renewal, however, a blue slip inspection will be required if you want to change back to full registration at any time.

If you only use your vehicle for club activities, then the basic scheme may still suit, however, if you want to combine an extended maintenance run with some occasional personal use, then you can opt in to the 60 day log book scheme.

As the 60 days of personal use are in addition to any Club activities, you should,
enter Club activities in the ROC log book, and carry a club calendar or magazine,
enter Personal or Maintenance runs in the RMS log book, at the start of each day of use.

Please refer to the Club’s HVS rules on the club website for full details, or contact the CPR to get the RMS application forms required for a new HVS registration, or to discuss the scheme and options.

You can also visit the RMS website, click on this link:

RMS NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme

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