NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme

The Rover Owners Club Inc (ROC) is registered with Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to offer financial club members within NSW the opportunity to conditionally register unmodified vehicles that are 30 years and older under the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS). This is often referred to as club registration or club plates.

HVS users must maintain a continuous financial club membership to access the scheme.  The current HVS arrangements include an option to use a log book, issued at a service centre, for up to 60 days of general use (ie maintenance and personal use) each year, outside of club organised events.

Each participating club has a responsible person (Club Plates Registrar or CPR), whose name is recorded with the RMS and who keeps a list of club members and vehicles operating under the scheme.  In respect of club vehicles where the use of a log book has not been selected, the CPR is also responsible for maintaining a log of non-club use eg when vehicles are driven for repair or maintenance.

The CPR is authorised by the RMS to sign and stamp the Historic Vehicle Declaration (HVD) form which accompanies the annual registration renewal, and any new registration applications, to confirm the vehicle’s and the member’s ongoing compliance with the scheme.

The current combined administration and CTP fee (as at 1 May 2021) is $47 per year, with a one off number plate fee (currently $47) charged when establishing a new registration.  Note that registration and/or number plates are not transferrable.

A Vehicle Safety Check (formally pink slip) is required under the HVS to establish a new registration or renew a registration for a vehicle on HVS.  Should you decide to register the vehicle on full (non-conditional) registration, a Safety and Identity Check (formally blue slip) will be required.

As the 60 days of personal use are in addition to any Club activities, you should,

• for ROC activities,
carry a club calendar or magazine,
• enter Personal or Maintenance runs in the TfNSW log book, at the start of each day of use,
carry your membership receipt,
carry your Certificate of Approved Operations.

Please refer to the Club’s HVS rules on the club website for full details, or contact the CPR to get the RMS application forms required for a new HVS registration, or to discuss the scheme and options.

You can also visit the RMS website, click on this link:

RMS NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme

• Rover Owners Club postal address for Historic Vehicle Declaration forms:

Tony Fagan, 104 Garden Grove Parade, Adamstown Heights, NSW 2289
M | 0427 209 805
E | clubplatesnsw@roverownersclub.com.au

Please supply two copies of your Historic Vehicle Declaration Form 1259, and a stamped, self-addressed envelope would be appreciated.


Click the links to download the forms

Roads and Maritime Services Forms:

• Download | Historic Vehicle Declaration form 1259 PDF

• Download | Application for Conditional Registration form 1246 PDF

• Download | HVS Period Options & Accessories List PDF

Rover Owners Club Forms:

• Download | Bylaw 1 Historic Vehicle Scheme – Feb 2016 – v3 PDF

• Download | ROC Member Declaration and Vehicle Eligibility PDF

• Download | ROC Historic Vehicle Log Book PDF

• Download | ROC HVS Registration Checklist (Sep 2023) PDF