The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) was introduced in January 2017 to cover recreational, historic vehicles that have been modified in some significant way. The Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) still continues to operate to cover historic vehicles that have not been modified, other than for period accessories, period tuning enhancements or approved safety upgrades.

The CVS is managed by the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs NSW Ltd through a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by the ACMC with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). The Rover Owners Club is affiliated with the Council of Motor Clubs (CMC), and the CMC is affiliated with the ACMC. Through these linking affiliations, ROC members have access to the CVS for any modified vehicles. The CMC is now an approved organisation to process CVS applications and renewals for CMC affiliated clubs like the ROC, and charges a fee of $25 per vehicle per year to access the CVS. This fee will be used by the CMC to cover administrative costs of managing the scheme for users.

Vehicles must be 30 years old, owners must hold a NSW license, be resident in NSW, and the vehicle needs to be garaged in NSW. Vehicles on the CVS may be used for club activities, and have access to the 60 day log book, for an additional 60 days of personal use per year.

The clubs HVS rules apply equally to CVS users – please read them and understand your obligations. Fines and points penalties apply for non compliance with the RMS log book scheme.

As vehicles can be modified to different degrees, you need to check the RMS website for the document titled VSI No.6 – Light Vehicle Modifications, which details what modifications are acceptable for self certification, and what modifications require an engineering certificate.

The process to register a vehicle on CVS is similar to the HVS. There are two RMS forms to complete, plus one CMC Checklist of requirements and one club form to complete. See the CVS Forms at the foot of this web page to download all the documents. Refer to the ROC CVS Registration Checklist document we have prepared to assist members with the initial application and subsequent renewals.

One difference with establishing a CVS registration is that you need a Safety and Identity Check (formally blue slip) the first time, regardless of whether your vehicle is registered or unregistered, and then a Vehicle Safety Check (formally pink slip) for subsequent renewals.

We have summarised the main features of the scheme above, however, the CMC website has a comprehensive CVS information page with a detailed guideline, as well as sample forms.

We recommend you read both the CMC CVS guideline and the RMS website on CVS.

The link to the CMC website is:
Council of Motor Clubs HVS Documents web page

As the 60 days of personal use are in addition to any Club activities, you should,

• for ROC activities,
carry a club calendar or magazine,
• enter Personal or Maintenance runs in the TfNSW log book, at the start of each day of use,
carry your membership receipt,
carry your Certificate of Approved Operations.

If you require more information, contact either,

Tony Fagan
ROC Club Plates Registrar
M: 0427 209 805
E: clubplatesnsw@roverownersclub.com.au

Richard Dalziel
ROC Treasurer & Public Officer
P: 02 9489 3553
M: 0412 709 228
E: treasurer@roverownersclub.com.au

• Rover Owners Club postal address for Classic Vehicle Declaration forms:

Tony Fagan, 104 Garden Grove Parade, Adamstown Heights, NSW 2289


Click the links to download the forms

Roads & Maritime Services Forms:

• Download | Classic Vehicle Declaration Form 1835 PDF

Download | Application for Conditional Registration form 1246 PDF

• Download (Draft) | HVS Period Options & Accessories List PDF

CMC Documents:

• Download | Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) CMC Checklist of Requirements (Oct 2022) PDF

Rover Owners Club Forms:

• Download | Bylaw 1 Historic Vehicle Scheme – Feb 2016 – v3 PDF
( HVS rules of use apply to CVS)   

• Download | ROC CVS Member Declaration & Vehicle Eligibility (Jul 2023) PDF

 • Download | ROC CVS Registration Checklist (Sep 2023) PDF