The Concessional Registration Scheme is available to Rover Owners Club members residing in the Australian Capital Territory, whose cars are 30 years of age or older.

• Procedures for the ACT Concessional Registration Scheme:

• From December 2016 it has been possible to register Concessional Registered Scheme (CRS) vehicles on line through Access Canberra.
Download | ACT CRS Online Registration Procedures January 2017 PDF

Overview of the ACT Veteran, Vintage and Historic Motor Vehicle Registration, click the following link to the ACT Government Access Canberra website:
ACT Veteran, Vintage and Historic Motor Vehicle Registration

• To obtain an Unregistered Vehicle Permit, click the following link:
ACT Unregistered Vehicle Permits

• An inspection is required from an authorised inspection station in the Australian Capital Territory.

A logbook needs to be purchased (you can obtain one from Officeworks).
You must record each journey in the logbook BEFORE you leave home.
The ROC’s Club Plates ACT Registrar should sight the logbook from time to time and sign it off at renewal.
The police may request to inspect your logbook and if it is not completed there may be significant ramifications for you and the Club.

• The ROC Club Plates ACT Registrar will complete an Application for Concessional Registration of a Motor Vehicle after your Rover has passed its inspection to enable the chassis and engine numbers to be inserted in the form.
The ROC Club Plates ACT Registrar will need to inspect your car at the same time as issuing the Application for Concessional Registration.

• You will need to take all your documentation plus your purchase receipt to the ACT RTA.
Please note that you do not have to pay stamp duty on VVH vehicle purchases.
It may be worthwhile taking either a print out of the clause or a copy of the link to the concessional stamp duty arrangements.

For additional information relating to the Concessional Registration Scheme, please contact ROC Club Plates ACT Registrar Hugh Boulter:
Phone | 6258 8221
Mobile | 0407 215 008
Email | [email protected]

Download | Bylaw 6 – ACT Concessional Reg’n Guidelines 07-2008 PDF

Update on proposed changes to ACT club plates (Sept 2020).
The link below provides information on proposed changes to ACT club plates including future provision for a 60 day log book and potential to register modified vehicles under the scheme.

• Download | CACTMC Communque Special edition September 2020 PDF